A Presidential Farewell | Boeing

A Presidential Farewell | Boeing

presidential farewell boeing

Event Host: Boeing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Venue: Columbia Tower

Photographer: Azzura

A Fond Farewell

After 37 years of dedicated service to the Boeing Company, Jim Albaugh retired with great honors. His accolades are bar none; CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplane division, previously served as President and CEO of Boeing Defense, Space, and Security unit. He was presented the Von Karman Wings Award, by the Historical Aerospace society and much more! Mr. Albaugh enjoyed receiving flowers from Plateau Florist for many years. When we were approached to design his farewell party to Boeing, we stepped it up for this bittersweet moment. Our theme for this gracious man of distinction, the word Reflection came into mind. Clearly, there were many things to reflect on his past with Boeing. We brought it to life for him.

As you entered the elevator a structure was developed with skill and balance. Many large cement bowls lined the walkways with mirrors and floating orbs. As you touched the floating orb you can see your reflection in the bottom of the cement bowl. The guest had a great time interacting with this attention grabber. After you made it to the floor where the party begins, many vases lined the entry like soldiers at an attention for our honored guest. The Columbia Tower redecorated their tower club as you can see the silver wallpaper also reflected the arrangements. Spiral trees adorned with red roses gave this area a bit more of a park feeling. Large grapevine orbs lined the stage. The centerpieces were very special with the black ornamental chili peppers to bring out the black accents, sharp reds and crisp whites. What a special evening. We wish all the best to Mr. J. Albaugh and graciously thank him for his dedicated services to Boeing.