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About Us



At Plateau Florist, we have always believed our clients deserve the very best, and we continue to honor that to each client with memorable floral designs, beautiful, curated gift boxes, corporate events, weddings, commercial floral, and special events. Put together by our talented designers. Our designs are unique by the owner’s life experiences of traveling the world and living in the Mediterranean. With unique names of the floral arrangements on our website of places and memories. All the flowers are sourced through excellent growers locally and globally providing the freshest for each season.

Very importantly, we take pride in continuing our longstanding relationships with our clients, which have continued to put trust in us for over 25 years! We are so grateful and honored to be included in some of the life changing moments and influential events with our clients. Life is full of memories, it’s a privilege to create lovely memories for your and years to come. 

Meet The Founder-Owner-Principal Designer


Hello, I’m Ally.

Founder/Owner/Principal Designer

Creating and working at Plateau Florist for over 25 years has provided me with a creative outlet. With hands on education running a flower business, from operations, accounting, designs, and working closely with the clients. Between years of travel, living out of country and sustaining the floral business has allowed me to excel in my floral designs, which has presented many opportunities. Each day is a new experience and full filled with many stories to tell, it’s never a dull moment. I learned to love flowers from an early age. I fondly recall spending time in the garden with my mother that grew the most incredible white garden rose called White Simplicity. That garden rose aroma still lingers in my mind on a warm sunny day. Mom taught me about the petal count and how to grow stronger stems to hold up their floppy heads for the next season. Mom was also a wonderful artist she loved to draw and paint. She loved drawing butterflies and yellow was both our favorite color! Another one of my favorite memories with my father is when I took him to the LA flower market. I had come home for a break from my travels. He was amazed how I could name all the flowers and their genus names! My father’s memories were growing up on a farm in California growing peaches and grapes, and of course taking care of the daily duties milking the family cows and attending to the chickens. He spent the time with me, to tell me how he and his father grew the different fruits. Before my father had passed, he told me of a story of a crow that kept him company while doing his chores after school. He said it made the time go by chatting with this crow, the crow also protected my dad from the pesty barn owls. He named the crow Sammy Joe. I had never forgotten both of my parents sharing their growing up memories with me. If you look really close at our gift boxes and flower boxes, you will see a little bit of my mother as the ‘butterfly’ and my father as the ‘bird’. In my loving memory for my parents. It will always be a part of me and this business I love so much. As I give you my core statement

‘Your Memories Start Here’